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I ordered a sweater and leggings 12/1/18, it is now 1/7/19. Still waiting for my order.

When I contacted customer service they stated they had not received their shipment from the manufacturer for the items. I also paid for expedited shipping and was told these items would be in 12/25/18. I got an email on 12/27/18 stating my item shipped, then another on 12/31/19, and another one on 1/1/19 stating it shipped. It seems it actually shipped 1/6/19.

I leave for vacation and this is an outfit I wanted to be able to wear. Ridiculous that it is taking over a month for items to be shipped, especially in this day and age.

Hey Rosegal, here is an idea for you how about you sell products you actually have in stock or at least when a customer tries to purchases you let them know before purchase the item is backordered. I hate your company and will never shop with you again and certainly will tell everyone I know that you are a *** company and not to waste their time and money on you.

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