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Who would like to file with me a class action lawsuit with me. I purchased five dresses and have never been so disappointed with any purchase in the many years of purchasing clothing.

I returned my purchase to IVAN/Rosegal, and have not received any conformation from this company, and I am very disappointed in this company on all stages.

The pictures of the dresses were deceiving and tacky, and the sizes were a joke. I am disputing their action via my bank, and if that doesn't get me any results, I am looking for those who want to get in on a class action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rosegal Clothing.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Rosegal Cons: Poor business, Rip off, Quality of clothing poor service, Long shipping times.

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I am interested as well. I just received two items of extremely terrible quality and definitely not what was pictured on the website.


I would totally be interested in a class action lawsuit! I believe I've been scammed by them, and according to LOTS of reviews I've just now read, so have lots of others.

They can't get away with it! Let's sue these scammers!!


This is a worthless companyit needs to be brought to justis


Hello, I am reading this and wondering whatever became of this. I too, am a consumer that has been ripped off.

No replies from this Company. They should not be able to sale clothing on the internet.

I believe they also own lillygal. Yet, another fraudulent company.


Sadly, it's 3 YEARS LATER and companies like Paypal and CC agencies are STILL doing business with scammers like Rosegal! Utterly ridiculous and unacceptable.

I have no idea how Rosegal hasn't been sued to oblivion by now, and it must be because the Paypals of the world don't care as long as they are receiving their "cut" of the scam. Soo yeah, if you are seeing this and contemplating a Rosegal purchase, obviously, do not do it! They literally use the entire sleazy playbook: Mislead, Confuse, Frustrate, Ignore. Rinse and repeat.

If you happen to actually receive your order, it's horrendous and not at all what you thought it would look/feel/fit like. If you attempt to return it, and are able to jump through ALL of the necessary hoops, and do so within the ridiculous time-frame they provide, you'll STILL get hit with insanely high return-shipping costs, which get deducted, automatically, from your refund. And that's if you ever get the refund! Most people never even make it that far.

Those that do, are still waiting for their money.

I mean this with the upmost sincerity: I would rather they robbed me at gunpoint. At least then, they wouldn't be lying through their teeth, and claiming that they "apologize for the inconvenience".




I will also join looking over the reviews "ditto"! My email " my # 619-985-6980


I will join you. They stole my money too.

I even commented on the app and they pretended like they were going to reimburse me and never did.

Find me on facebook. I'm in Seattle, WA and am a real estate broker.


I would join in a class action. They stole my money. Never received products.


I would also love to if you are still filing the lawsuit.


Abso-freaking-lutely. You have no idea the disappointment I am feeling from such a fraudulent company.


I would absolutely be up for this, I bought a jacket, a couple months later I recieved a jacket that looked like it was made for an 11 year old child.


I'm In! I paid for 3 day expedited shipping, and received a 8 X 10 plastic envelope package by USPS ground service 11 days later.

The two wrinkled up "Dresses" that I received looked NOTHING like the dresses picture in the ad, and the sizing was completely off. There was no return information, and when I filled out a complaint form on line, it said the order didn't exist.

I tried calling the phone number on line and received a voice message that "the mailbox is full". I got screwed out of $33, which isn't much compared to others, but I would like my money back.


I would most definitely be in on it!


I would!!


Let me know, I'm in! What an absolute disgrace this company is!

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