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Last summer I ordered a cute one piece bathing suit from Rosegal. I have used this company before but I only bought small things like necklaces and bracelets. My experience is that they're basically all foreign knock offs, but they were okay quality for the cheap prices I paid. It's shipping from China so it takes forever to get to you but I expected that as well. When I finally got my bathing suit in the mail, I could already tell it was too small. I ordered a medium. When I tried to put it on, not only did it not fit width-wise, but it wasn't nearly long enough in the torso for any human to wear?

While having the bottom part completely on, the chest area that should be covering my *** was barely passing an inch over my belly button. I had a petite friend of mine try it on just to be sure and the same thing happened to her.

I contacted them and they said they'd refund my money or give me the next size up, but I'd have to send it back at my own costs. Shipping a bathing suit to China?? Do you know how expensive that is? And this is all for a bathing suit that I paid no more than $12 for. I never sent it back and I just haven't bothered shopping from them since.

In conclusion, it's relatively safe to buy non-clothing items from, but expect it to take forever to come to you considering it's coming from China.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $20. The author is overall dissatisfied with Rosegal and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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You knew when you bought it that shipping back to China was going to be ridiculously expwnsive if it didn't fit. You took that chance.

If you want easy returns, or go out and buy it from a brick and mortar store & try it on in person!

Vallejo, California, United States #1095175

We need to see a picture of you wearing it.


I wish people would stop supporting these places by buying stuff from them . There are a lot of good deals for cheap in the US. I have bought a bathing suit for $20 at a Victorias Secret sale.

to Anonymous #1078165

I watched The True Cost today, never buying fast fashion AGAIN

to Anonymous #1078655

And the items from VS or a "local US store" come from? CHINA, of course.


Hard to determine how the suit fits you without photos to demonstrate it. But it sure looks pretty good on the model in the photo.

Are you a typical 160lb American woman on a 5'2" frame trying to stack up to an Asian bombshell with a delectable form of 102lbs?

I have a solution!!! STOP buying cheap stuff from China and shop locally!!!

to GrowUp #971861

No, I'm not, but thanks for assuming! That was so sweet of you.

120 pounds at 5'3" by the way. :) And no one is trying to look like the model in the picture, but I expect it to actually fit on my body.

You know, you're genius! Has anyone ever told you that? Wow, stop buying cheap stuff from China!


I never thought about that!

Seriously, how about you do a little growing up yourself? And if you have nothing better to do than leave non-constructive comments, I suggest a hobby as well!

to booktheif #971867

This is a hobby - bringing reason to those that lack some.

Fantasy: I will look as good as the chick in the photo.

Reason: You're not of the same form and photos are chinese clothing is cheap.


to GrowUp #972003

This is a website for people to complain about bad experiences with companies, not for people to comment and judge their decisions. No one's perfect, except maybe you?

I'm only assuming, here.

When ordering these types of clothes, it's well expected that it's not the exact article of clothing that the model is wearing. It's a company making a recreation of this piece of clothing. Sometimes it turns out okay, and sometimes it turns out terrible.

It would have been a different story if it just didn't fit well. I can see that she is very petite and is probably wearing a size small.

However the company offers sizes small through large, and it's expected that those clothes will be larger! (You still with me, here?) It's not due to a lack of reasoning that someone who isn't the same nationality as the girl in the photo would buy the clothes she is modeling.

It's a hit or miss, really, with these types of websites. I clearly stated that I was aware of that when making the review.

And for a few dollars, sometimes it worth the risk just to see if it'll work out. That's what I wanted to let others know with my review.


to GrowUp #1077457

I have a solution for "GrowUp" QUIT BEING AN @SSHOLE!!!

to GrowUp #1097756

Woah there. Put down the fedora and step away from the computer, you ridiculous ***.

i see a lot of this "American women are fat and can't fit Asian clothes" comments on this site. I don't know where you get your information but almost everyone I know is petite that way. You never know what *** these sweatshops will deem fit to send. The sizes vary wildly even among the same article of clothing.

Making wild and offensive assumptions about a stranger on the Internet (on a site that's for bad consumer experiences no less) because she had the nerve to expect what she paid good money for?

You have some growing up to do. Maybe get a new hobby.

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